Important news! Philippe Gouttard Shihan’s next summer seminar will take place in Rome this year!

…He is coming back – Rome, August 2018 (meanwhile, we’ll be training until the end of July)

Welcome to Aikido Roma Nordaikido-kanji-ueshiba
Aikido for Rome’s Prima Porta, Labaro, Giustiniana, Saxa Rubra and Grottarossa areas

Aikido Roma Nord (Katsu Dojo) offers an Aikido training focused on well-being. We are strongly committed in passing on the passion for this non-agonistic, combatless discipline, a form of Budo inherited from the ancient samurai of Japan.

Aikido is very efficient in fighting our inner limits, in order to improve the perception of our own body and the others’, our coordination and concentration, our self-reliance and our ability to relate with others.

Through physical contact, something we tend to lose nowadays, Aikido helps discovering our inner being and coping with our daily stress.

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© 2010 Katsu Dojo (勝道場) – – The Victory Dojo
Masagatsu Agatsu, Katsu hayabi (正勝 吾勝, 勝早日): the true victory is the victory over oneself, the victory here and now (Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido)